Originally trained as a designer, Jarren spent many years working in the design industry for a number of creative agencies in Queensland, Australia. At the end of 2010, he left his job as a designer to join in the fight against the ecological crisis and founded a Greenpeace activist team in his home city of Brisbane. At around the same time, he also became involved in a number of other social and environmental change organisations (e.g., Friends of the Earth, Market Forces, The Climate Reality Project, etc.) and worked on many campaigns.

As Jarren noticed a strong need for more effective campaigning materials in these social movements, he founded Design Good Design Studio, to aid the efforts of the associated organisations. Since then, he has designed brands, campaign materials, and advertising campaigns for a wide range of them: 350.org, Amnesty International (e.g., "Defending Lives" Booklet), Australian Conservation Foundation (e.g., "Say Yes Australia" Campaign), Australian Education Union, Australian Marine Conservation Society (e.g., “Climate Leadership Now! Before There’s No-One Left to Find” Advertising Campaign), Australian Progress, Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC; e.g., Climate Change Merchandise), Change.org, Climate and Health Alliance, The Climate Reality Project, Doctors for the Environment, Environment Victoria (e.g., "I'm Powered by Clean Energy" Tram, and "It's the Climate Change Election" Billboard), Farmers for Climate Action, Friends of the Earth, GetUp!, Greenpeace (e.g., “CommBank Is Funding Coal Projects…” Advertisements), The Greens, Market Forces (e.g., "GE Is Trying to Greenwash..." Advertisement, and Hyundai "IRONIC" Advertisement), Nature Conservation Council of NSW (e.g., "Don't Chop My Home" Advertisements), Oxfam, Queensland Conservation Council, RE-Alliance (f.k.a., Australian Wind Alliance), Solar Citizens (e.g., "A Fair Price for Solar" Campaign), The Sunrise Project, United Voice, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), etc. His design work has received a commendation from the Design Institute of Australia in the Queensland Design Awards and was exhibited in the Queensland Art Gallery. It has also been featured in publications such as Desktop (magazine), Lino (magazine), Design Montage, DeSmog, Independent Australia, Skeptical Science, Informal Logic (peer-reviewed philosophy journal), Wastepaper (a book series created by employees of the design studio Inkahoots), and on many social media channels, including those of the culture-jamming magazine Adbusters. He has also delivered presentations of his design work while discussing how graphic design and branding can be used to help create social and environmental change. While continuing this work, Jarren is now studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Queensland where he has received multiple Dean's Commendations for Academic Excellence. He is currently working with Dr. Michael Thai on social psychology research projects related to collective action, to help inform effective means of creating social change.

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