Jarren Nylund
Psychology Student, UQ | Designer, Design Good Design Studio | Climate Leader, Climate Reality Project | Campaigner | (Pronouns: he/him)


  • Gjpead


  • David Hopkins

    David Hopkins

    (verify.th340d.me) Join 1+ subs and receive my weekly newsletter containing 5 of the most interesting things I’ve made or found that week at theedesq.email.

  • Holly Faupel

    Holly Faupel

    Freelance Proofreader Volunteer Literacy Champion

  • Frank Moone

    Frank Moone

    I like cultural criticism, classics, long novels, philosophy, poetry (esp. modernism) and plays. I’ve been in rock bands since the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan.

  • Kelly Salsbery

    Kelly Salsbery

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