Jarren Nylund

We Need Ambitious 2030 Targets at COP26

Developed countries must at least halve emissions by 2030

IMAGE: Banner for the Blue Pacific to Glasglow campaign. © Climate Reality Project: Australia & Pacific.

What is COP26 and why is it so critical?

Climate change is the greatest risk facing us all

What would success at COP26 look like?

What does net zero emissions mean and why are 2030 and 2050 important?

Who is moving to net zero?

Where is the ‘Race to Zero’ up to?

Why should 2030 targets be aligned with 1.5°C?

IMAGE: Current emissions reduction targets compared to what they need to be by when. © Climate Reality Project.

Increasing ambition is crucial

Which countries are halving their emissions by 2030?

IMAGE: The September 2021 update of how countries are doing in terms of meeting their obligations to the Paris Agreement. © Climate Action Tracker.

What is climate justice?

Looking ahead towards COP26

Climate finance: What needs to happen?

What’s at stake?

Which countries are committed to action?

We have a long way to go

What needs to happen at COP26?

Climate change impacts and solutions

Climate change trends across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific


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